About us

Kia Real Estate, Where Your Dream Home Comes True!

Our focus has always been on doing what is right for the client. Delivering an unmatched experience for our clients is a personal responsibility for every associate and agent of Kia Real Estate.

We believe we make a difference for our clients because of our Knowledge, Experience and our Results.

Our Knowledge

There's lots of information available to buyers and sellers alike these days, but information is not the same thing as knowledge. We have the in-depth knowledge of market trends, neighborhoods, builders, contracts, negotiating and a host of other things that are integral to the home buying and selling process.

Our Experience

We thrive on building and nurturing relationships, and providing effective solutions for their clients. Our Managing Brokers average over 20 years of experience - they've seen it all.

Result of Trusting Kia Real Estate

All the tools, the knowledge, the experience are great, but results are what really matter. Getting a home sold for the most money and in the least time. We have tracked our results since 2017, and we consistently sell our listings closer to the list price and in less time than the competition. And for our buyers, it's about helping them find the right house and negotiating the right price, terms and conditions.


Kia Real Estate, Where Your Dream Home Comes True!